Equality in its rightful measure, no more, no less


¿What does LOGOM EQUALITY mean?

During my stay in Sweden I became interested in learning their language as well as their culture and I was fascinated by their values of sobriety, empathy, civility, respect and coexistence.


I was surprised to discover that these values are contained in their own vocabulary and language.


LOGOM is a Swedish word that has no exact translation into Spanish and means “in the right measure“, “neither too much nor too little“, “just right“.


As you may have noticed, when I learned the meaning of this word I was so fascinated that I always thought of using it if I created my own company to help spread and implement measures of equality, equity, respect and social justice.


Equality is an English word that appeals to the idea of equality but also fairness and balance. So LOGOM EQUALITY means just that, EQUALITY IN ITS RIGHT MEASURE. What do you think of the story?

“Whatever freedom we fight for, it must be a freedom based on equality”, Judith Butler

“Our ability to achieve unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization”, Mahatma Gandhi

Logo_simbolo_Mesa de trabajo 1

The history of the symbol

In addition to being passionate about culture, I am also passionate about abstract painting and the symbol of the logo, besides being inspired by some of the works that move me the most, includes a symbolism related to different social movements in the struggle for equality, freedom and justice.


The logo emulates the face of someone who looks at us and includes us in the claim, pointing directly at us to provoke us and integrate us.


Symbolically, it includes the 4 waves of feminism, as well as the colors of the LGTBI flag, the Jewish star, the ribbon, the arm and the fist of the “We can do it” movement.

On a formal level, Logom’s typography poses a game that conveys the idea of hitting the nail on the head“, in the “right spot” to communicate the meaning of the Swedish term. 


In addition, the letter E becomes the mathematical sign of equityequivalence or the equivalent. A female figure also appears, appealing to the feminist values of the brand and its founder.

“Unity in variety and variety in unity is the supreme law of the universe”, Isaac Newton